MineCamp Features and Services

Base Plan

Our generic starting point for quotes and what it includes. Please contact us for a personalized quote, as price can greatly fluctuate based on needs and situation.

Our Normal Base Plan Includes...

MineCamp Virtual World

Your camp's own world complete with a pre-built virtual map, dining hall, canteen, lake, boats, waterpark, and much more! Want the campers to design the camp themselves? Contact us to learn more!

Survival World

Campers can explore an infinite world, scavenging for materials, adventuring, and doing their hardest to survive.


An archery range is available for competitive or practice play.

Scavenger Hunt

Campers can put their detective skills to the test and explore the camp world following clues and teleporting to hidden realms, with a surprise being provided upon completion.

200 Total Players, 50 Concurrent Players

We can host 200 campers to start, with up to 50 being online at once. These numbers can be easily changed to fit your needs.

Creative World

Each camper gets a plot of land and unlimited resources to build whatever their heart desires, whether alone or with a friend.

Parkour (Obstacle Course)

Minecraft's version of an obstacle course challenges Campers to jump, run, crouch, and fall their way to victory.

Connect Four

Multiple Connect Four boards placed around camp await campers.



Add-ons you can incorporate into your plan to further customize the look and feel of your camp!

Services Add-ons


Along with our built-in safety and security features, we provide a moderation service where one of our staff oversees the interacting campers in real time. We'd also be glad to help you set up your own moderators, free of charge.

Time Limit

Want to limit campers allowed time on the server? We can do that! We can either create a time limit for all campers individually (such as a daily playing limit) or per group as well as set designated sign-in times for groups of campers at a time.

Leadership and Teamwork Skills Programming

Along with fun activities, we offer a plethora of virtually-adapted leadership and team building exercises such as the Lego Game and 64 Squares refashioned and/or originally created by camp counsellors with years of CIT training.

Communication Services

Not sure how to communicate to parents what your virtual camp has to offer? We're here to help! We can assist in making promotional videos, posters and more to educate your camp community on this new and exciting resource!

Customization Add-ons

Custom Camp Map

Have our team of experienced builders bring your camp into the Minecraft world. This will help immerse the campers in the experience and feel like they’re at their second home. This option can range from fully-built camp to geographical landscaping only.

Custom Events

We can host custom events your camp has such as: - Colour wars - Trivia night - Scavenger hunts - Build battles Price will be a one time fee which varies on event size, length and if our staff are required. Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting a custom event and we can further discuss the details required for a proper quote.

Custom Looks

We are able to edit the look of the game for all users on the server. For example, if you want to have custom staff and camper shirts we can make those. Pricing may vary based on the amount of customization required (please contact us for more details).

Custom Camp Game

Similar to our option to host custom events we can collaborate with your staff and bring any of your camp’s classic games not on this list to the virtual world. Price depends on the complexity of the game so we will provide a price quote based on what’s required.

Personal Cabin Maps

One cabin building not enough per group? We can create additional worlds for each individual cabin of campers, where they can build and play to their heart's content, strengthening the group’s bond.

Restricted Cabin Chats

We can provide each cabin with a chat of their own within the game, where only members of the cabin can send and receive messages.  Other custom cabin opportunities include the chance to design their own flag to show off to the rest of the camp, and much more.

Activity Add-ons

Maze Runner

Campers race through the maze in a battle against time, hoping to be the fastest runner yet.


A Minecraft classic, players compete to be the last ones standing by breaking the floor of snow out from underneath their opponents. The last one standing wins!

Boat Race

Boats race against each other on a custom track, with the first camper to reach the finish line being crowned the victor.


A classic game of tag, not much left to explain here!

3-D Pictionary

Instead of drawing, campers will be able to build the words given to them by the operating counsellor, with their teams given the responsibility of guessing what is being built.

Puzzle Solvers

A series of puzzles and riddles that will get your campers' gears turning.

Capture the Flag

The classic camp game finds itself to MineCamp in the form of a battle throughout a cruise ship! More maps are available to choose from, with the premise of the game being much the same as it’s real-life counterpart.

Escape Room

Whether it be a randomly generated group of campers or in cabin groups, these escape rooms will put their critical skills to the test.


A 9-hole course of mini golf on a custom built course, with the option of requesting a custom course modelled after your camp.

Hide and Seek

A good old fashioned game of hide and seek, except throughout a massive map and campers can transform to look like animals, blocks, or even other players!

Sports Bundle

Includes popular, interactive games of Soccer, Basketball, Hockey.

Still have questions or can't find everything you want on this list? Contact us and we'll do our best to help you meet your goals!

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